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BIGGEST WAVE in the World surfed 100ft at 02:50min (REAL FOOTAGE)Carlos Burle Portugal

World record at 02:50min 100ft rogue wave, largest wave
To see Garrett McNamara Wave:
Carlos Burle pode bater record de Garrett Mcnamara world record in Nazare in a 100ft wave
Wave surfed by Burle can beat old record and achieve the new world record 28/10/13
Maya Gabeira
Biggest wave in the world
Large wave
Music: Huma huma clouds

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midnightrun108 says:

I am in awe of these men, they have nerves of steel……..WOW……

Thomas Joulwan says:

meh,I skim board here!

Andrea Sanchez says:

Is this near Hawaii?

John Kennedy says:

Def not a hundred foot "Hawaiian" wave lol

Todd Mcdonald says:

Summit most insane ever seen inspiring epic thank God for my tablet

Mark Turnbull says:

respect were it's due some set of balls to go and surf for fun in waves like that

alejandro aguilar says:

1:57 lol

arun lal says:

bgm music is "Huma huma clouds"

Mark DeSantis says:

Hey guys my friends and I are trying to make a positive impact and help spread awareness about the harm we are causing to the environment, help us out if you can!

Colin Gantiglew says:

Stainless steel gonads – great stuff, sporting and brave. And thrilling for spectators!

A'Layka Whitson says:

For some reason, I didn't get the, "OmaGash!" feeling while watching this. Bummer. :-

Jason doyle says:

hold my beer

Mad Geordie says:

I don't care how high the waves were, 100 ft or not. If I saw a wave that size coming towards me I'd shit myself on the spot.

skinoz79 says:

which one

Caleb Edwards says:

I am not sure if you have any questions or concerns please contact me

John Smith says:

Needs more Beach Boys

Moonwah says:


Douglas Whitney says:

those surfers have ball's of gold

David Moussa says:

Plot twist at 3:19

BB22 says:

Not even close to 100ft. Prob 40

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