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Biggest wave ever surfed

surfing the biggest waves in the world, bodyboarding damian king in the ocean

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GoPro Vids says:

pause at 2:35 what is zat?

Turtorials says:

that wave was like, 10 ft maybe the biggest wave was 100ft

kenny maldonado says:

pause at 2:35 …did anyone notice there was a shark or something in the water.???

Jake Smyth says:

cool i want to be like that when Im older i am surfing now

zac williams says:

ben player you are the best man

DontEatYell0wSnow says:

sounds like shit.

Fredward Fortyhands says:

This is Ben Player.

09IBB says:

@azertyuiop113 The Subways – Rock & Roll Queen

JacobMatan says:

Suzuki Vitara JLX 5 door legendary

Haymes Terry says:

Wat's the name of song please??

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