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Biggest Wave Ever Surfed On A 2 Man Kayak!


@user-sm8fc7gm9e says:

Damn that was a bomb!!! More content! Lets go YEEEWWW!

@marvinacklin792 says:

You did it!

@AnglerTimon says:

frickin sick!!! a new sport: kayak wave surfing has now been officially born!!!

@K777John says:

I used to be part of the Surf Lifesaving Team in Cornwall UK back in the mid 1970’s-we used to use single and double surf ski’s for rescue and recreation-but solid hulls, foam and then glassed-no need to pump them out after being rolled by the surf.

@yelram4life says:

I bet all those surfers HATED you because surfers only like people who have the exact same kinda fun that they do but not anywhere near them and not while they're out having their own fun.

@marianogarcia4156 says:


@dallasveitch says:

What utter idiots. If you are taking a kayak in the surf, a helmet and life jacket are absolutely mandatory. Ever been walloped by a hefty chunk of plastic flying in a powerful wave? Total lack of knowledge and skills. The only things these guys have is stupidity in spades.

@Amandamaui71 says:

Lol totally rad!!! Maui ohana ❤️ love.

@falconsky9038 says:

Dude is holding his paddle with his cock. I think they will be fine.

@michelehiggins2643 says:

Is the guy in the back smoking a J? 😄

@symetz says:

Texas man here. I grew up surfing the baby waves on the gulf coast. Finally made it to North Shore to get pounded by some 12 – 18 ft waves by the time I was almost 30. Wife wanted a jet ski so we got one and I started riding the waves on a jet ski for about a decade. I start Kayak surfing in my 40's, mostly kayak fishing. But I love riding those waves still today in my 50s. If I drive down there in the surface High and the fish are biting time to get out and take a bath and the surf.

@yoyomak1962 says:

My husband and I white water canoe in Canada. He installed an little electric pump so we could slalom race without stopping to empty water. Had to laugh watching you both. Reminded me of when we surfed ocean waves in the Atlantic and had all the local fishermen laughing on shore as we got smashed to pieces.

@CleverAccountName303 says:

Please shave your chest into a heart shape

@danberrey8038 says:

No snowflakes ON this ride. Nice to see that dreams are still alive. Now let's do again!

@RP-rq4in says:

Guy was token on a blunt when they were talking. People do stupid stuff when they are high. Video proof in this video

@kayakboy6748 says:

Really? Clickbait from Surfer and I fell for it. Garbage boat, paddles and skills. They even had the paddles upside down.

Just show some Devon Barker next time

@Not.Nainoa says:

Hookipa at its finest

@masquire2070 says:

Fucking unreal

@Killemgrillem00 says:

So that was pretty large,and cool as shit.But a couple of guys on a heavy right in Bali have you beat. And they are not one-and-done. I've seen them take off on triple+ overhead. And surf a session..They since have retired from that insanity.

@mikeypszyk8802 says:

Fucking legends!

@yiper8431 says:

That was the sickest thing I’ve ever watched ! Sending it!!

@BenGravyy says:

That was amazing

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