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World’s Biggest wave ever surfed. FULL VIDEO CLIP. A 90-foot wave with Garrett McNamara off the cost of Nazare, Portugal, showing the city as the background, the set waves, land support, wave ride towing-in, and interview with Garrett McNamara. and and

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bjorn kok says:

amazing wow,

O Solorio says:

Take that God.

Delta5 says:

omg i want to swim there :D

Raine Vincent Bacus says:

lol Photoshop!

John Hutchins says:

Pffft, hold my beer.

NyanLeader OfAwsomeness says:

my right ear enjoyed this

arroz carolino says:


Brayan Ramirez says:

dude that is cool any other surfer dude's that can show me moves

publivery impresiones says:

que es lo que vuela al fondo en el minuto 0:25 ?

Henrique Coelho says:

Vale sempre a pena ver e voltar a ver umas imagens belíssimas de uma realidade quase … "irreal" .

STHAP says:

i'll just stick to surfing the….internet. it's a lot safer :)

Marco Rodriguez says:

Narley dude!

quanta407 says:

Dude . . . .

LegoEvolution says:

can someone survive by being right below it, that scares me shitless

Ivan Singrasabout says:

that shit looks like a megalodon could pop up any moment

rob inman says:

great video so cool hope more

Jonathan Gliniak says:

Holy fuck, I think Poseidon lives there.

Jenn Cross says:

Freaks of Nature! Surfing really is a great sport, but it has certain risks. Still, it is formidable.

andrew gillis says:

yup its a center peak wave that slops up & over, true rogue, as GM explains, which in the ocean do not curl, but just smash down everywhere; Nazare falls away gloriously and 1 same direction everytime- with curl both L&R

Josh Gaus says:

Pshhh that's easy! "Hold my beer!" grabs boogie board

Michael Anderson says:

I'm good at tubing…

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