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Biggest wave ever surfed 35 m (105 ft)

taken at hawaii during surf competition

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YesNoMaybeSometimes says:

fuckin SICK!!!! woooooooo

Person one says:

how the fuck did this piece of shit get lots of likes lol jw people are stupid!.

Donatuis says:

wow, what a lifelike informative video, a true thrill ride… just like being in the copter looking down, cept i have cataracts and coolio's there and the sea is frozen…

Adin Warner-Rosen says:

did I just watch a video of a magazine?

Slater Cole says:

Gangsta paradise- coolio

Paul Nicola-Miller says:

what the name of the song ?

surfcoast says:

Or me for clicking on this link a second time

kyliewog1 says:

he just used one of the phantom cameras and its slowed down to a million fps

elbarbque says:

living in an amish paradise!!!!!!! lol

carl palmer says:

what camara did you use

gutmiko says:

thats what I call a big wave

madpicken says:

U suck at life

Jules says:

what the duece?!

KDaNiFL O says:

is this some kind of sick joke? fucken douche

Jon Houck says:

give 20 plus feet , not 115 feet.

Jon Houck says:

A still photo does no justice to support the 35 m claim, sorry. Besides, any trained eye could tell you that that photo does not represent a 115 foot wave. The wave face is not steep enough and from what I see, its breaking at 30-40 feet.

Jon Houck says:

Oh gosh, here we go again. Come on people, think a little. 35 m is NOT 105 feet!!
35 m IS approx. 115 feet! (114.8) feet

RStyleFun says:

poor + camera + 50 cent song = This video.

Sam Stewart-Brown says:

the wave off portuagal?…… i saw tahat after i posted that 3 months ago….. cba wiv this anymore…… soz

ViCiOuS66 says:

@momojojo38 some peoples kids i tell ya .. why would anyone even post this "vid" on youtube? makes me wonder.. BIG waste of a click

keksbeauftragter says:

whats the music?

txugamigo says:

Totally believable! From now on I'll believe in everything I see on youtube!

Jojo McDo says:

you're not the only one, was a big waste of a click

Rico Suave says:

Why did i cum To this!

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