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Biggest Teahupoo Ever Surfed?

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Teahupoo Uncut captures some of the biggest waves ever surfed at Teahupoo….all aboard the crazy train as Simon “Shagga”Saffigna steers you close to the action!

Riders: Bruce Irons, Koby Abberton, Nathan Fletcher, Dean Morrison, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Dean Bowen & more!

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Mark est says:

stop at 1:50 sick

chabap says:

slowmo sounds like the waves have mouth

Ian M says:


fnog9 says:

yeah, i surfed some waves today that were maybe 20% or less as powerful as these. i realized that i didnt enjoy the big waves more, its just dangerous, and i actually prefer just observing the power of the water rather than getting clobbered by it. not that theres anything wrong with those who do choose to get crushed by these things. id love to just see these monster waves in person.

fnog9 says:

1:33 omg! you can see him get tumbled multiple times and he's only being sucked up in to the crest. It has yet to even slam him down and then who knows what happens once the wave breaks on him. maybe it sends him under really far or breaks his bones, or who knows. That was a really bad way to wipe out. did he die?

John Surfer says:

1:39 cows inbound

Noah Clement says:

Sounds like the cows were enjoying the surfing.

Noah Sellers says:

1:50 how thick is that!!!!!

Jake Chesson says:

holy shit!! 0:24 look at that shelf! wouldnt wanna wash up on that

GuitarFish458 says:


AndroidPLAYS says:


richard head says:

1:04 chewbacca

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