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Biggest Shipsterns EVER!

Biggest waves surfed at Shipsterns Bluff Tasmania. May 2011. Shot by Tim Bonython. Massive barrells and wipeouts…

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captainbluefishmonster says:

Dam those curls are grim and look to be givin birth

Brian Hawkins says:

The worriors you see here are modern day dragon slayers

Boxhawk says:

At 1:55 that wave just seems to explode in the center of the barrel. What is it about the location that causes that?

JimmytheGenius says:

there must be some big ass rocks under them waves

Ethan Blazek says:

Why is there always waves inside of waves at ships term bluff?

$nakeGryllS says:

If I get diagnosed with an incurable deadly disease, I'm just catching the boat down to Tasmania again and surfing this, it'll put me out of my misery for sure.

Alphonsus Jr. says:

Morons, we want to hear the waves explode. We don't want to hear ghetto music.

LawrenceK42 says:

Scary looking wave ?

Yannik Versace says:

Thats nasty! :O

FennecKing says:

So much risk for an ugly wave

Chris Ryan says:

that face is like surfing a motox track..

Luna tic says:

Wat a hoax.

Lindem Pires says:

Que mar é esse meu..

John Martell says:

fuck that…

Unable to connect to the Internet (Show the comment) says:

is this "the right"?

Adrenaline Channel says:

3:05 Beautiful

Thomas Loo says:

aren't those that hail from Tasmania call themselves Tasmaniacs?

Rye J says:

Looks dangerous, chaotic waves+cold+shark lurking around+sharp reef+middle of nowhere

Mathew Dos Santos says:

i get so nervous watching this, like how do you even..

Stephen Hansen says:

Man those guys are getting worked

Stephen Hansen says:

Shuts I wouldn't do those kinda waves with a jet ski

Liran Ziv says:

what is the water temperature they are wearing full body suits including cover the head

Liran Ziv says:

amazing ! what does the term shipsterns means

Gregory Roberts says:

Waves inside of waves…Pretty awesome! Where does shipstern come from? 

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