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Biggest Paddle-In Session Ever at Jaws on Maui

“The biggest paddle session ever just unfolded at Pe’ahi. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was mesmerizing and really, really big, so big that many monster sets went unridden.” – Shannon Reporting

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Video by Shannon Marie Quirk
@shannonreporting @thegobigproject @redchargers

Edited by Paul Topp
Music: “Venice Venture” by Big Wild

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Adam Zaidi says:

I thought it was going to be a lot of people paddling out of fear because of Jaws.

Eric Larson says:

Why are all those boats out there? Thats crazy.

Koi Shooter says:

That board that flys up at 0:15 says it all… when have you seen that happen like that? This is a powerful wave!

Allen Rod says:

was a pleasant surprise hearing big wild

Shark Tooth says:

Albee had the best line.

Wade Crawford says:

click bait…there has been heaps bigger paddle in days at this spot…it's fucking massive but not the biggest.

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