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Biggest & Best Ferry Wave I have Ever Seen!

Today is historic! Not only did we just score super fun surf on the Outer Banks, but on the way home we committed to charging the ferry wave. Some how, some way this Ferry Wave keeps getting better!? Today was buy far the biggest ones that I’ve ever witnessed. Stoked for the Hurricane to pass by New Jersey & bring some nuts surf! Thanks for all the love & support NUB NATION for the win! – Ben

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Love Is Blind (Instrumental Version)
Coma Svensson

Crucial Doubts
Max Anson

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Ash Sculptures

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Jesse Harris says:

Here's my claim: Ben Gravy for President!

Marc Halikas- surfercook says:

That was a stoker RK caught on the incoming! Surprised the Marine Police allow that. Hopefully they'll stay away!

spyposition says:

Is Ben Woody Harrelson’s son? Lol,

Gabriela Hijuelos says:

go to puerto escondido Thay are wave about 13 feet

Thomas Kennedy says:

6 foot my arse

shane kern says:

Cape May County Strong! Go Middle!

1 Cent says:

She got zero

daryl delamide vlog says:

Done to you hag back from siargao island

Priscilla Gulley says:

How come you didn't surf the wave in hyanis mass harbor on the end off the jetties at calmans beach check it out it's a four footer in coming ferry

chippa says:


Todd Mulligan says:

Ya buddy get some!

lioneffects says:

daammmm ! Very cool you guys ! Cool !

T L B says:

The sunburn is real🤣🤣



crewcutter2030 says:

Woody Harrelson

Steve Kiray says:

You need to head up to the Arthur Kill in Sewaren NJ and work some of the 8-10' tugboat waves. I used to ride them with my old 550 stand up ski..what a freakin' blast!

2viewbosque says:

Skurfed Tokyo bay auto freighters in the late 70s. Rented a Boston wailer to get towed into the sweet spot.

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