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Big Wave Surfing – The Biggest Day at Jaws Ever!!

The most giant Jaws days ever! Mark Anderson, Dan Moore, Archie Kalepa, Laird Hamilton, Dorian, Mikala Jones and more. This footage all shot & edited by Dennis Earley from the surf video from Friction and HGA “Ballin’ on a Budget” – A surf movie dedicated to the loving memory of our friend Steve Cooney.

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D. Scram says:

Some crazy, balls to the wall rides in there. Derrick Doerner looks like a frickin' comet on that one ride…

Dylan Black says:

my dad and archie kalepa go dirt mike riding all time here on maui

chronicavengers says:

sick footage. have to give it up to the sled drivers nice save's oh and the surfers too

rggfgjerjh says:

it would be so funny if the heli got hit

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