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Big Wave Surfer Recounts Near Death Experience of Being Lost at Sea

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@ShawnRyanClips says:

Thanks for watching everyone. You can watch the full episode with Laird Hamilton here Additionally if you want to support the Shawn Ryan Show you can join the community.

@christopherv3525 says:

Hope everyone here gets saved! Jesus can set you free and give you eternal life.

@Sobergamer61 says:

Laird is a god among men.

@alainvosselman9960 says:

It sure is different dealing with fear when becoming older. I used to skate vert in my younger years and did well dealing with fear back then. I took on surfing recently and that's a whole different thing when you're 49 and you have to deal with fear. I feel vulnerable like a baby when trying out bigger, stronger waves. It is a huge bodily tax and coming down from such hyper focus is not like it used to be…. It takes months to get rid of the results of for example, finding yourself in a swell that grew and you weren't paying attention. Got caught in massive 10ft waves, 18sec period in France. It's been 3 months now and i get scared even from smaller waves now;
The fear definitely stays with you a lot longer after a bad moment.

@Mac-qi1po says:

I love listening to Sterlin Spencer talking about Laird

@jenniturtleburger3708 says:

Alex did not constantly free solo. He’s acting like that’s the only way Alex climbed. He free solo’s once ever couple thousand climbs.

@jangal4805 says:

Do i need to be an Alcoholic dickhead because i surf?

@rheinmcree3625 says:

This is the coolest documentary ive seen and its so true that after a while those natural reactions your body has to fear will stop if you do something enough to the point you dont care

@lisahall1989 says:

Great interview.

@chasebarney2980 says:


@CaptainForest1 says:

If you surf and actually know how laird behaves Surfing in the lineup, you would understand why nobody likes the guy.

@LGguedo says:

This guy and Henry Rollins need to split a six pack

@ryanferrill1209 says:

The movie of this guy’s life story should be played by MacGruber

@TeutobergForestryService says:

You haven’t heard of Alex Honnold, Ryan? Bro.. you’re in for a a real treat

@TeutobergForestryService says:

Laird Hamilton is an absolute mountain of a man. I have the most respect for men like this. Defiant. Triumphant.

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