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Big Ocean Surf Unedited ~ Hang out and Relax ~ ASMR #moderndaybreakfastclub

Unedited footage from a HSA in California on 12-30-23. A chit chat premiere ✨️

#moderndaybreakfastclub #beautiful #ocean

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@lorenzooutandabout says:

Beautiful place to watch and listen to waves 🌊 ❤❤

@charmainegloriosohalos6438 says:

wow relaxing place❤❤❤

@BertsBEATS-MDBC says:

Oh yes look who is almost at 800. Nice!

@BertsBEATS-MDBC says:

Watching this since I missed it. I was at school when you had this going.

@Amboysentertainment says:

AMBOYS! HERE just watched this premiere, and I am back watching it again. Gorgeous!!!!

@fromcheaptochic says:

Wow this will be great to fall asleep
Listening to😊

@godisgreat8462 says:

Awesome 🎉🎉

@JustDonnaMaria says:

I can sit in the sun listening to the waves crash all day long. There’s nothing more peaceful. Thanks for sharing! ❤😊

@hikingoutdoorfamily says:

Love all the sounds of the water.

@Fredhalldirectedition says:

Love the scenery. I am going to start traveling a lot this year I really really like your videos

@EverydayyWalks says:

I enjoyed this video 😊 Like 45. I'm your new sub and supporter! Looking forward to new content from you 🙂

@rushingwindmountain says:

Amazing footage, loves the waves and respect the forces of nature. Of course there is always that one person, risking his or her life for a moment of fame. Shaking my head.

@judy2003 says:

Great livestream, so beautiful 🌊🩵

@openmindedwonderer says:

That was brilliant, so beautiful. I so love the power of the sea. That guy was a bit crazy but I bet he had some great photos.

@Thorkenn says:

Hello Princess 👋. The surfing 🏄‍♂️ guys love ❤️ and enjoy here perfect place. Hoping soon I will be in the beach. Have a great day.

@stefangoldensteinwildlife9929 says:

Hey! Nice video! Greets Stefan

@NicoleHikesalot says:

So very beautiful and soothing ❤

@PretirementDays says:

Very beautiful

@WholeSouthernCooks says:

I really enjoyed this, DL. You have amazing talent. I look forward to more of your content and I say that with genuine sincerity.
Nic ❤🌻

@ms.kayak7seas says:

Hi Princess
It is one of the brilliant films
I love nature whether Cold or hot, haha
I could feel windy salt air.
I could feel wet sands
I felt like I were there right next to you experiencing this forceful waves
So much caps and so milky…
I just use my bluetooth focusing and listening this monster….
well done. Great work, Princess/ See you next one
I thankful for your support for kayak7seas

@angelacritters says:

Hi there. This just popped up in my feed. Going to start it . ❤

@PhongFoodieAdventure says:

That's relaxing 😌

@pattyfishsupport2-cr9oz says:

Princess.. beautiful video! Thank you so much for sharing.

@adhisvlogs says:

Beautiful mother nature I enjoyed watching ❤❤

@TravelingTramps says:

Beautiful surf and stunning coast, DL. Loved hear the sound of the waves crashing! Thanks for bringing us along.

@danielledavis1115 says:

Beautiful ❤😍

@batangoldiezofficial5496 says:

Wow a very relaxing place. Thank you for sharing.

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