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Big Nazaré – November 7th 2022 – crazy drone footage – Lucas Chianca, Nic Von Rupp and more.

Opening season swell at Nazaré. Portugal comes alive as the best big wave surfers in the world tow surf into big waves at nazare. Lucas Chianca, Lucas Fink, Nic Von Rupp, Justine Dupont, Tony Leorona, Sebastian Stuedtner, Andrew Cotton, and more.

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Inés Te. C says:


googoo gjoob says:

those PWC guys riding the lip of the wave to keep their surfer in view….. impressive.

:Majoy-Österlund:Freeman says:

Beautiful moves But very disturbing shit "music"

Ben B-Roberts says:

Soo happy cotty is back out there smashing it!

greywhite says:

1997 called they want the music rights back, ha.

Jarred Tremain says:

Would've been heaps smoother to ride waves out there if weren't somany jetski wakes bumping up face's. Have some sort of rules for making wakes. Sic footage, blokes charging. Avagud1

Jeffrey Richardson says:

Point Break R

William Carr says:

So amazing!!!

Camp David says:

Want to make this a better video, go with actual audio

Joan Kilburn says:

AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZINNNNGG. THANKS SO MUCH GENTLEMEN. (and ladies). Love and prayers from this great grandmother in Arizona. I love watching you. God bless you all. xoxoxo

ZeroX0 says:

Love seeing dudes ripping waves this size over just going straight! No hate on the straights tho

Eva Harmeling says:

I was there that day and watching these guys up close again is so special, thank you!

World Of Zip says:

I really don't see the big deal about this place compared to Waimea or Mavericks. Sure this wave gets big and peaky but man Waimea is a giant wall of power , way longer ride and more tube

Kiljoy says:

Lyrics though 🤨

Fani Kusumo Dirjo says:

… and I can't even swim … 🥲

fleuger99 says:

Fantastic footage. Amazing use of a drone for filming these 'little' waves 🙂

Yan Tutschka says:

Incredible footage. some of the best ive ever seen at nazare. Crazy how many skis are out there now

Jerk says:

Being on a jet-ski, in that, looks like the most fun

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