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Big and Crazy Shorebreak!

Big and Crazy Shorebreak.
Don’t worry my up coming videos will be less shaky, i have a hard time keeping the camera still while these gigantic waves break right in front of me. Ill try my best next time. Thanks guys!

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and my friend who risk his life for these clips!- @joshuastaman

Shaun Bws

Filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black edition

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Tags: Keikis, ehukai, northshore, big and fun shorebreak, the wedge, shorebreak,pipeline, waimeabay, waimea bay, oahu, sandys, sandy beach, makapuu, ala moana, shaunshinephotography.

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Topher Dean says:

Classic Sandy's. I was at the ER in Honolulu once and recognized the sand in the table. The doctor said he had 3 broken necks that week from Sandy's.


That water has to be so full of sediment wouldn't want to get any in my mouth or eyes.

Wayne Stockton says:

Great footage. I would love to see some of this in real time too.

Aidan O'Connor says:

where NOT to play chicken

Greggson Wong says:

used to be better and bigger back in the daze @ sandy's…#oldschool boyz, remember on big days when you would hear and feel a "big boom" in the parking lot. the ground would shake and you could ride almost everyone the waves from outside gas chambers? yuuup, doesn't do that anymore.

Colby Adams says:

I lived in Hawaii Kai from 2012 – 2014 and I would go here daily I miss the force of a bodysurfing wave, never did I get hurt but I could feel the rush, I miss hawai'i !!

consequence0708 says:

What is this music title? I like!!

Wilson Silva Silva says:

eu já fui lá e ainda estou afoguei

Stacy Herold says:

I watched it. HAPPY YOUTUBE?

GBSheridan says:

Crazy! I'd get my neck broken

raywagman says:

are they holding minuture life rafts in their hands

yo boi says:

Wow big waves!

MaxMercZ says:

Cant believe it was removed?

MaxMercZ says:

Wtf happened to the reggae song dis shts wack bro

Ella May says:

Am i the only one that felt very uncomfortable due to the music? The waves made me nervous too… but the music actually creeped me out!

Hugh Janus says:

that's a rip tide. be careful you dont get ripped out to sea

brettplum says:

looks like Waimea bay to me as it was doing the same break when I was there in 1992 and lifeguards were pulling out lots of Japanese tourists from the shore ….

Josiah D'Angelo says:

wow crazy shore break

Liora Boudin says:

The waves are to choppy and you can't even boigie board it or surf it or else it would take you down.

Justin Marciniec says:

keik's most dangerous shorey in the world besides the one at Nazare

brianbirc says:

That will put some sand in your turds

anuradha vijayakumar says:


Inga V says:

good Video

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