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Benjamin Sanchis at Nazare – 2015 Wipeout of the Year Entry – XXL Big Wave Awards

Benjamin Sanchis (Hossegor, France) tows into one of the biggest waves ever challenged at Nazaré, Portugal, gets air, recovers, then goes down hard on December 11, 2014. Video by Michael Darrigade. An entry in the Wipeout of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. For more information see

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Tee Larkin says:

thats a massive lip..thats a oil tanker, capsizing know why he bailed? his balls were to big and dragged him off his stick mon…crazy.

SpaghettiToaster says:

must be like falling down the niagara falls

Jonathan Halloran says:

Oh no no… see that's no good

Southern Stingray says:

Makes ya wonder how these guys can even WALK,if ya know what I mean

pbaylis1 says:

We really need a drone or something out there to catch some of these rides closeup. It would be amazing to see the sort of chop these guys are dealing with on the faces of these waves. Too hard to appreciate this far away.

shackhound says:


Justin Alexander says:

biggest wave

Francisco DE BALAGNA says:

I can do that. here, hold my beer…

MAGNU8 says:

Couldn't made it down the face quick enough and got munched.
That's some butt hurt there.

Jevs Uncle says:

has anyone died there

Damian Bell says:

Don't know what could be a bigger wipe than this.

Ricardo Miranda says:


astridaiko says:

I'd like to see someone better that and live to tell the tale. Insanely massive!

PORTUGAL beach waves says:

Visit Portugal

tiffsaver says:

This looks like a flea on a elephant's ass!!  How could a man survive such a beating??

abeirabaixa says:

The surfer looks so small compared to the wave that he almost disapears… They must start dressing in red or yellow…

hurbt says:

heed…. pants… now!!!!  is all i could think about…

Paul O'Reilly says:

Yep! this is genuinely the heaviest wave ive ever seen anyone wipeout on! and the biggest !2015 wipeout of the year 100% sure. That they survive only God knows how they make it:D

Pedro Teixeira says:

WINNER of 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards for sure  #ASP  #xxlbigwaveawards  

Nikola Tesla says:

The big jump just before bail on the take off is dam crazy fast and he controlled it, this wave is dam ride too

Jeremy Acton says:

The winner. That was mindblowing video of man and Nature.

You_en_Tubao says:

That has to be D worst wipeout I have ever seen. Prob a nightmare when he went over the falls.

Georgiy Potulov says:

This wave is so incredible that its the reason 28 people gave it thumbs down, because they thought it was CGI.. Lol

Gauthier Ajarrista says:

This should also be ride of the year, just insane!

mdnivel1 says:

Nouça… que biolencia

Deon Fialkov says:

OMG … that wave is huge !

Glad that the guy survived that MONSTER !

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