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Becko Yellow Waterproof Waist Bag Case Pouch for Kayaking, Sauna, Hiking, Surfing, Fishing, Boating, Skiing, Camping and Other Outdoor Sports. Triple Top Closure Strip Seal System Dry Bag Protect Mobile Phone, Camera, Watch, ID Cards, Wallet, Credit Cards, Room Card, Keys From Water, Sand, Dust and Dirt.


IPX8 Certified to 30 feet. Super strong Velcro and triple top closure strip seal system to ensure your items are protected. Adjustable waist belt(applicable waistline: 32-45 inch) with a loop hook, light and easy to take when you walk on beach, go to swimming, kayaking, sauna, hiking, surfing, fishing, boating, skiing, camping and other outdoor Sports.

Blue color, which looks sharp and fashion. Touch responsive front and back,you may use your smartphone as usual. High quality PVC, environmental protection material. It composed of a highly-durable environmental material, which protects against water, dust, dirt, grease, scratches and bumps. It’s perfectly or bump and shock absorption and protection of your items from accidental scratches.

About size:

Dimension: 21 X 15 CM.

Fit for cell phone, camera, watch, ID cards, wallet, credit cards, room card, keys, etc.

Do not know if the case will fit your items? Just feel free to contact us for professional answers.

Material: PVC

Notice before Use

Make sure complete close triple top closure strip seal system and Super strong Velcro and check for water impermeability before each use.

2.Check properly the bag and accessory if there are any damage, specially the clip and the opening of the bag. Do not expose under the sun for a long time.

3.Check the clips and opening of the bag every time after use to see if any impact happened from any hard object.

4.Sudden temperature change might cause humidity in the bag. Do open the bag and let it dry out completely.

5.If mud, dirt or sand in the bag found after use, do wash it away by clean water before storage.

6.Do not use in water, spring above 45 degree centigrade temperature.

Product Features

  • Becko excellent waterproof waist bag deserves your thumbs up in its waterproofness and convenient design. Yellow color perfectly shows your vigorous and unique personality.
  • Highly-durable PVC material with tight seams can perfectly keep your items dry and nice,protecting your items against dirt, dust, grease and scratches.
  • This sleeve can hold your cell phone, small camera, room card, credit card, pocket money, keys, and a variety of small items. Through the translucent color, you can easily find your items.
  • IPX8 Certified to 30 feet. Triple zip locks are held down by the velcro to prevent the water from seeping through the inside. Always make sure that you seal all the zip locks before using.
  • With adjustable waist belt and conveniently-used insert buckle, you can adjust it around your waist (appliable waistline: 32-45 inch) and let your hands free when hiking, fishing, camping, climbing mountains or do other outdoor activities.

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TechManiac says:

Becko Waterproof Waist Bag Review! The Intro: The last thing you want to do is get your device soaked, wet or even near any form of liquid. You would most likely have a heart attack! I don’t blame you one bit. There is a safe (and sane) way to take your devices underwater and near liquid without causing any damage whatsoever. The Waterproof Waist Bag from Becko is your affordable solution.The Good Stuff: The PVC material gives you the ability to protect your device(s) from Earth’s element as well as allowing you to…

Liquid Frost says:

Keeps Items Dry Talk about a risky proposition. Would I like to test a waterproof case that holds a 700 dollar phone? Sure, but of course I wasn’t going to start with an expensive item. I used a brand-new kitchen sponge and sealed it up in the case. I then submerged the entire product in a bowl of water for an hour. Of course, I had to put a heavy candle jar on top of it as it kept wanting to float to the top.After wiping off the case, I opened it up and pulled out the perfectly dry sponge. It…

Zara says:

Just pop the phone or your iPod in this case and you are good to go This pouch is truly waterproof. Just pop the phone or your iPod in this case and you are good to go. The case is made well without any sharp or rough edges. It gives a really simple and clean look. The package also included an arm bad and a string to hang the case on a hook or just your neck. The lock has a swivel design and is very easy to use. It is good for all phones unto 4.7 inches. you may even not use this for a phone. It will store any items you wish. I received a sample to review. My…

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