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Becko 10L Blue Dry Bag, Waterproof Case Pouch Include Shoulder Strap for Swimming, Surfing, Fishing, Boating, Skiing, Camping and Other Outdoor Sports, Protest Your Personal Item Against Water, Rain, Snow and Sweat (Blue, 10L)

Made of
water-resistant PVC tarp and scrim-reinforced
vinyl bottom, Becko’s brand new
dry bag is a must-have
waterproof accessory for outdoor leisure enthusiasts when they go sailing, kayaking, island hopping or camping. We are confident in our product and offer you
a Lifetime Guarantee.

A removable and adjustable strap can be slung over your shoulder or across your body conveniently. With plenty of air inside, this bag can float to be a lifesaving device when one falls into the water accidentally.

This 10 L dry bag is big enough to keep safe and dry all of your gear or personal belongings for a day of kayaking or adventure. To ensure a waterproof seal, you must be sure to roll the top a minimum of 2-3 times and securely close the buckle before using.

Product Features

  • Becko dry bag is made of ultra tough non-rip water-resistant PVC tarp material with sealed seams and scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom. Easy to clean and convenient to carry.
  • Roll the top of the dry sack down 2 to 3 or more times, fold the stiffener to squeeze the air out and clip the buckle together to keep the water away. Do make sure you roll it down at least 2 times before using.
  • The adjustable and detachable strap is long enough (appliable length: 18-34 inches) to be slung over the shoulder or across the body.
  • This dry sack can float when partially filled with air. It can be used as a lifesaving device when one falls into the water accidentally. Also perfectly protect your belongings against water, rain, splashes, mud and sand when you go sailing, kayaking, white water rafting, island hopping or camping.
  • Light blue color perfectly shows your vigorous and unique personality. It makes the bag easy to spot and easy on the eye. The 10-liters bag is perfect for small items such as cell phone, GPS unit, wallet, money, cards, bikini, swimming trunks and sunscreen.

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Marbl Productions says:

Not waterproof For a more in-depth look of the product, watch my review video. I will list a summary of my experience with the product.- 10 liters of space is great for taking anything camping, hiking or on long kayaking trips- Blue or yellow color is great for vibrant and easy-to-spot designThis is not waterproof! I tested this and put a newspaper article in the bag. I threw it in the water and simulated a crash-like experience. When…

Liquid Frost says:

Useful Bag This is for the blue 20L dry bag made out of PVC tarp, which is commonly used for rain /weather protection.Standing upright, the bag is about 26 inches tall, but you’ll need to stop stuffing gear around 16 inches because you will need to fold down the top to create a proper seal. After that, just clip the two plastic ends together. Done properly, it is about 20 inches from floor to clips. A shoulder strap is included as well.Dry bags are pretty useful and typically come…

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