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Another average day Surfing Then it started Firing!

Big swell stirred up lots of sand creating big hollow chocolate tubes all the way up until mid-tide where the swell started to fill clearing up the break and reflecting a beautiful clear blue sky. What a phenomenal day to be a surfer on the east coast! The barrels were extremely allusive to catch on video with big sets blocking the line up as the point break took full effect and rattled the washout with complete hollow barrels, no chandeliers in sight. It was a very fun sight to watch. It didn’t help that the no-see-ums were out in full force preventing me from holding my lens still for more than the length on one good wave. Seems like the best waves we have had in over a year with proper swell that was dragging tubes over the sandbars. A 6pm call did not disappoint as the tide came in just after sunset. For some surfers it was an 11-hour session in the water, and I really can’t blame them. For others it was time well spend basking on the beach as the tide came in, watching friends get their own “wave’s “of the day. I forgot to adjust the microphone gain on the beach while filming please excuse the poor audio. If you enjoyed watching, please feel free to Like and Subscribe. Filmed March/23/24

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@diggy4963 says:

Headed over Wednesday, or should I make it Thursday🤔 what do you think, what’s the surf report say ? Great content, tasty waves 🌊 🏄‍♂️

@robertziegler6612 says:

Last week was awesome glad for some footage!

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