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Andrew Cotton On The Nazaré Wave That Changed His Life | Behind the Lines, Ep. 6
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In this final episode of Behind the Lines, Andrew Cotton’s big wave season comes to a climax back where it all began in Nazaré, Portugal. One a wild, windy day at North Canyon he is whipped into a beast by Garrett McNamara that goes on to be touted by some of the world’s media as the biggest wave ever surfed.

In the end, he doesn’t scoop the prestigious Billabong XXL Award – there were bigger waves surfed last winter. But more important is Andrew’s own take on events that day: with a brutally honest post-surf interview he demonstrates a hunger and humility that should leave no one in doubt as to why he is one of the most respected big wave surfers on the planet today.

Director: Mikey Corker
Video Producer: Show ‘n Tell Media
Athletes: Andrew Cotton, Garrett McNamara
Sports: surfing

Andrew Cotton On The Nazaré Wave That Changed His Life | Behind the Lines, Ep. 6

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abeirabaixa says:

If you want monster and caothic waves that's the place to be!… You'll never know what you'll get.

App Bapp says:

6:20 is what youre looking for, 30 sec of surfing.

aaron leighton says:

peace of piss

james leia says:

it doesn't matter if you surf big waves or small waves, surfing makes you appreciate the little things in life, the things a lot of people take for granted.

rideforever says:

He got knocked off his board after 5 seconds !!!
Yeah great dragging it out really a lot story line for a man who catches a wave for 5 seconds and then falls off.
Really amazing.

muse550 says:

What's that tune playing in the background from 4:03 onwards, does anybody know?Thanks.

Robby Genest says:

turn down or turn off that music. I hated the sound so much I had to press mute.

santiago nozal del cerro says:


Derek McNamara says:

Load of sh!t. Person who edited this video should be shot. Soppy melodic music played to slowmo shots of every surf sceen. Not one for posting comments, but can I have my 8 mins back. 

Master9 says:

Awesome.Dedication,skill & the will to survive.

Natas Corpus says:

cow bombie

Oskar Sheen says:


Tom Adams says:

Screw this shit !!!!!  I want to enjoy surfing ,  not barely surviving it .

afzpuppet says:

Looked like this guy barely rode this liquid giant… and WIPED OUT EARLY….  WTF is that!!
And on top of that a jet ski towed him in on the wave and he used foot straps..  He might as well
have used wind surfer gear or a Kayak to ride the wave….

Jools Turrall says:

I could watch 95.80 of this, great piece Epic. Well done Cotty, Mr M, and amazing support from Katie.

Davide Milani says:

Da paura!!!

RicardGomes76 says:

Jaws is the Mother, but Nazaré is the God of all waves. It´s like american special effects for a block buster movie. But is real. This shit is real…

David K says:

Where can I see the full footage of the guy  flying above the wave at 0:10??

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