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Almost Dragged Through the Teahupo'o Grinder

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Almost Dragged Through the Teahupo’o Grinder
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@robertchiarizia9463 says:

You can soooo feel those tendrils of energy grabbing at your feet when you dive through a wall like that. Gnar gnar. It will take your big toe and run with it if the Gods Will it so.

@johnrobbins9788 says:

I tried to hold my breath and could only do it for 5 seconds

@nancyj5562 says:

Mesmerizing yet terrifying

@anjaznusfial1446 says:

Almost dragged??? That dud is grinded

@switzerlandRU577 says:

Люди – напротив мощи и красоты природы – страшные, глупые букашки ✔

@KimmieBui says:


@gabygrias6390 says:

Que belleza¡!❤

@user-qm4cr9ej4s says:

Завораживает очень. Но считаю, что это глупая смелость

@kidjetrecon7153 says:

Imagine not getting enough air.

@user-us4ze1ri2s says:

Красиво, но страшно неудобно )))) вода в носу, во рту, везде

@florindacorrea2075 says:

My god…😮

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