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5 Signs Someone is a Beginner Surfer. #surf #surfing #stereotype #beginners


@terrypietru8012 says:

Signs that you're an experienced surfer.
#1 you're an arsehole.

@moneybay says:

surfing is a leisure activity. If you’re not having fun while doing it, try something else

@miles8088 says:

“Signs of a beginner surfer: they do things wrong” you’ve been a beginner not only at surfing, but other things in life too. We don’t go into things as experts.

@livedeliciously says:

Your paddling technique is a big tell.

@OpenZipper says:

Alright I’ll just let my ginger ass nose fall off from skin cancer at the ripe old age of 28 cuz some dude doesn’t like the fact that people wear coloured sunscreen on their face👌👌👌

@artsurfliteratura says:

I have been surfing for 38 years and for me all beginners are very welcome

@benneebean8199 says:

the easiest way to tell is if they dont surf well they are probably a begginer.

@jeffpestano1296 says:

Brazilians & French veterans go on anything

@user-mx7id7gx5n says:

And that just fall

@urfather6629 says:

Bruh I wanna learn how to surf but idk where to even begin

@dcs9751 says:

you were a beginner too

@Saluki_Boogie says:

Yooo ain’t nothing wrong with that sunscreen, makes me feel like an absolute warrior

@ericm4426 says:

Atleast they trying

@sirmi9868 says:

And you won on how to be a douchebag

@claudiosaldivia5646 says:

What annoying voice dude.. reminds me one of my teachers from high-school miss Dorothy hahahah..okay everyone pay attention what are the six ways …hahahhaha

@michaelfarar4232 says:

The word "Kook" is still not in their vocab

@Raediant_Art says:

The surf etiquette part depends on which beach you’re surfing at. For example I’m still a beginner and I go to a certain beach that has lots of beginner surfers where instructors can teach without having to be bothered by the surf etiquette.

@kellyrussell9901 says:

BEGINNER surfer did you say? Yep that’s me.

@benneebean8199 says:

It's easy to tell. If there not a good surfer they are probably a beginner.

@mogetcaroline9887 says:

Arrête d'être méprisant mec ! Je crois que t'as pas une âme de surfeur et qu'à l'inverse de beaucoup de débutants tu n'as rien compris au surf et à sa philosophie.

@_surfzupz says:

Stop making fun of people who are still learning

@demdaddy says:

localism has spread to fuckin youtube lmao

@RandallRamsey-ht2rn says:

1 sign someomes a kook

Calling someome a kook

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