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5 BIG Waves You Wouldn't Believe if not on video

[© Ivan Zakryzhevskiy / Licensed via]

Nature sure is amazing! Today’s video is on the top five biggest waves – all of them captured on video.

Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
Asteroid Impact Simulations (CC), Patrick Bradley (CC)

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sajida k abbaskhan says:

2:10 howthey were laughing👻

Nataliuk Nataliuk says:

Oh my gosh i thought this is Tsunami its actually a big waves (i didnt read the title;-;)
Bc the thumbnail had a big waves.I mostly like Number 5.

Jo Z yt says:

My biggest fear is the ocean. The part where you can’t see the ground under you, And the whales and octopus scare me, But I love the beach

Zachary Mabb says:

Somebody once said that there are three kinds of men, those alive…those dead…and those at sea.

Dylan Sellars says:

Mr.Top5: Number 3 An almost a 100 foot high wave……..

Riggs Mason says:

Captain: laughing

Me: on the phone, calling mommy

B J says:

This is so cool I like these type of viseos

IceCream Samuel says:

dude, to be a monster wave needs to have at least more than 15 meters

pjmac550355 says:

Imagine being on that ship

ÏM7 says:

Tip: never play w death

LD FIE says:


Nani says:

Its all fun and all until the boat begins to sink

Anna Toolsie says:

Where is that place with the first wave

YungNando says:

I fuckiin love this video

Devils Fruit says:

This is why I stay my ass home


Im Impresssed Of The Surfer!

Lamia Taslicukur 5B Præstemoseskolen says:

The last fake

Shigeo Kageyama says:

Jazz music stops…

Miserlou starts

Dylan Sellars says:

0:24 Terrifying

_σ̲α̲ȥ̲α̲ says:

2:50 um?….

Mustafa Gulhan says:

On the third one they are just laughing like creeps

B- Kn1ght says:

Damm nature you scary!

Milla David says:

This is why you should not litter at the beach…

GOD: this is 🌏 there is bins.. in life.. people are just to lazy…

the OCEAN F** YOU ALL FOR LITTERING *makes a bigger 🌊


people’s mind: OH SH!T this is why you mustn’t litter..


I need a wave

Micayla Bush says:

This is why I only swim is pools.

Kehf Hdhfhjd says:

This tsunami is big

GD Zodixc says:

Me A Person Who Can't Swim: GG Bois

S V says:

2.09 -was he laughing cause he lost his sanity looking at that huge wave?

NaVy_BoY22_ _ says:

Another reason why I don't surf……

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