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4ucycling Multipurpose Outdoor Sports Face Mask Balaclava Breathable Quick Dry for Cycling Motorcycle Hood CS

Ergodyne-N-Ferno-6823-Wind-proof-Balaclava/dp/B0091CC1OG/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1447223080&sr=8-3&keywords=balaclava+face+mask.,balaclava motorcycle ,balaclava for motorcycle ,balaclavas ,balaclava or ,balaclava ,or balaclava ,nylon balaclava ,helmet balaclava ,balaclava helmet ,balaclava for helmets ,balaclava with mask ,balaclava mask ,balaclava masks ,mask balaclava ,balaclavas mask ,balaclava neoprene face mask ,half balaclava face mask ,airhole face mask balaclava ,balaclava face mask women ,balaclava compression face mask ,thermal balaclava ,balaclava thermal ,thermal windproof balaclava ,thermal wind pro balaclava ,thermal balaclava mask ,balaclava thin ,thin balaclava ,thick thin balaclava ,military balaclava ,balaclavas military ,balaclava military ,wool balaclava military ,military issue balaclava ,tactic balaclava ,tactical balaclava ,tactical balaclavas ,balaclava tactical ,tactical balaclava full face ,swat balaclava ,balaclava swat ,swat balaclava mask ,police balaclava ,balaclava police ,balaclava for police ,ski masks ski mask ,ski ski mask ,ski mask for skiing ,ski mask ski ,balaclava cotton ,cotton balaclava ,cotton balaclava hood ,white cotton balaclava , Neoprene and thermal fleece. Very warm and lightweight to wear. Easy to put on and take off.Perfectly Keeps Warm & Well protected from cold, snow, wind & sun etc Fits above the ears and nose while still keeping the full neck covered Great for winter sports , hunters, motorcyclists , snowboarders Practical ventilation system will keep you breathing easily and eliminate mouth odor Fit for various kinds of activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding, riding snowmobile, hiking & biking and etc.

Product Features

  • ✔High Technology Blcool Fabric, Light Weight, Soft, Flexible, Smooth, Breathable, Absorbent, Quick Drying, UV Protective and Dust Proof
  • ✔Multipurpose ,Suitable for Climbing, Running, Cycling, Motorcycling, Boating, Skating, Skiing, Surfing, Hiking¡­
  • ✔Can be Wore under Cap and Folded up Tightly for Easy Storage
  • ✔Balaclava Styled with Simple Fresh Color, Stylish and Functional
  • ✔One Size Fits Most People, not for children

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