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🔴 (ASMR) Waves of the World/Surfing🌊 – Hawaii, Teahupo'o – 10 Hour Loop for Stores

🎥 Welcome to Waves of the World

We are not your typical surfing channel. Our dedicated filmers from around the world produce the cleanest possible footage from the surf spots you want to see. We shoot everything in 4k or higher if possible, and focus on putting out a beautiful image for our viewer more than a hyped-up type of vibe. We want you to be able to push play, sit back and enjoy the scenery. Thank you for all of your support over the years it means the world to us. Aloha 🎬

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🔴 (ASMR) Waves of the World/Surfing🌊 – Hawaii, Teahupo’o – 10 Hour Loop for Stores
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🎥 Welcome and Aloha to the Official Youtube Channel of Chris Kincade Media – Waves of the World 🎬

Do you like watching relaxing surfing videos, with soothing music and ocean sounds in the background? 🏄‍♂️ If so, you’ve come to the right channel!

➡️ My name is Chris Kincade and my videos focus primarily on surfing, bodyboarding, and lifestyle. Videos are shot at the best surfing spots around the world and are accompanied by relaxing music and ocean sounds.

You can put my videos in the background and listen to them while you do your work or study. My videos can also be played in the background of offices, stores, and restaurants. Or, you can simply mute the videos and watch the surfing compilations. 🗃
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Woah this is so nice

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I love this channel!!! Thanks !!

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caraca maneee

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beautifull 💦😃

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Oops I did it again! Everybody gonna have long life 🥰🥗🥗🥗🥗👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🍇

@peterhanssens7260 says:

As a Canadian and our focus on many winter sports, i.e., skiing, snowboarding, hockey, and cross country skiing, this is a welcomed change. Thanks much. What I like about surfing is the centrifugal forces such as found in skiing dynamic short radius turns, very invigorating !!

@affcoman3254 says:

this is so amazing nice and peaceful music while watching some awesome tube rides

@ald62 says:

Magnificent 🩵
Watching from NYC 🌊🩵

@captmack007 says:

Wow awesome

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