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Top 10 des plus gros spot de surf du monde :

10- The wedge, Californie
9- Pipeline, Hawaï
8- Mullaghmore Head, Irlande
7- Cortes banks, Californie
6- Shipstern Bluff, Tasmanie
5- Belharra, France
4- Nazaré, Portugal
3- Maverick’s, Californie
2- Teahupoo, Tahiti
1- Jaws Peahi, Hawaï

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Ellie Johnson says:

Did the surfers who get wiped out drown?

MrBegwin says:

belharra is not in France is in the basque country

Alexis Rigaud says:

How about puerto escondido? 

HeyCup says:

the wave of Nazare its the Biggest ever sean 😉 im from Portugal and i go to Nazare i see its very big

christafari100 says:

What about Puerto?

Leon Benko says:

The one in france looks sick.

eddie mclaughlin says:

the worst music ever

Magic mirror says:

This week begins the season of giant waves in Portugal, Nazaré!

koldslaw says:

Absolute no. 7 , -he/her went death . solo.

James Brewer says:

imagine surfing the Litaya Bay megatsunami!! Was 520 meters high lol

kornofulgur says:

Belharra looks like a nighmare in an Hollywood movie

Alex Knowles says:

cood you do these waves

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