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SurfivalKit-Mini – Surf Accessory Travel Kit (Burgundy)

The SurfivalKit-Mini has the essentials a surfer needs, in a handy storage pouch

1x Skeg Key
1x Surf Wax
1x Wax Comb
1x “Solarez®” Ding Kit (.5 oz)
1x Waterproof Ding Stickers

Additional Features
Key Clip
Zippered Storage Pocket (stash and carry your phone, wallet, surf fins, whatever!)
3 Mesh Pockets
Outdoor Fabric (durable, resists stains and fading)
Velcro Clasp (keep contents secure).
Burgundy Color

Product Features

  • Perfect for new surfers and experienced
  • Includes surf accessory essentials and room for wallet/phone/keys/fins
  • Fits in glove box or in backpack. Great for daily surf sessions.

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