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Surf Session Ericeira – TRANSITION – Aaron Reid

We were calmly driving through a building site when we realised that our sat nav might have been a little wrong. A slightly annoyed construction worker shouted something at us in Portuguese while I smiled politely and subtly rolled up the window. The main topic of conversation in the rental car and a question that resonated throughout our time in Portugal was: ‘Is it possible to have a sustainable career in surfing through talent alone?’ The next sixteen days spent travelling around Ericeira, Portugal with Aaron Reid gave my answer to this question.

Aaron Reid is one of Ireland’s most talented surfers. Similar to many surfers I know, from a young age Aaron was sponsored by a collection of surfing related companies. Being sponsored is the goal when you are a young surfer. Getting the recognition that you are looking for and literally having the tee shirt to prove it. Promising young surfers are given clothes, shoes, wetsuits and in some cases the occasional surfboard. Everything a young surfer needs to get well on their way to their professional surfing career. All that the companies ask in return for this product is that you promote them. To a 16-year-old who just wants to surf as much as possible, this is the dream. The idea that they have now just taken a position of junior marketing assistant for this company for a wage of a tee shirt a month has yet to cross their mind.
Camera/Edit: James Skerritt
Soundtrack: James Skerritt/Paddy Mulcahy

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