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Last may, I went to sumatra for a couple weeks to get away from home and surf fun waves.
I would like to thanks Beocean Krui for their hospitality and a big shoutout to all the filmers involved.
Lachlan Mckinnon, Rory Pringle, Nick Pollet, Theo preuilh.
hope you like it :))

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Try these Tips to Get into Waves More Easily

🏄 Barefoot Surf Tutorials – Learn to Surf. Online. Anytime.

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😱😱A Massive Rogue Wave Tried to End our Crab Season! #shorts #tsunami #bigwaves #fishtough

How Not to Catch a Wave #fail

Watch pro IronMan Matt Bevilacqua take on Australia’s biggest wave… and lose! Set to Queen’s legendary hit, this epic wipeout will have you wincing and laughing. Proof that even the pros can’t always tame Mother Nature!”

#EpicWipeout #SurfFail #AnotherOneBitesTheDust #BigWaveFail #AussieWaves #IronManVsOcean

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Most Unbelievable Moments Ever Caught On Camera !

Most Unbelievable Moments Ever Caught On Camera. A selection of the most incredible moments ever caught on tape!
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There are some moments in life that are so incredible that nobody would believe it if it weren’t caught on camera. And even though bizarre moments happen every day, it can be very confusing to see them with your own eyes. Today, we’re going to show you 40 of the most unbelievable moments ever caught on camera!

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