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Experts to determine if surfer broke record for riding biggest wave

Sebastian Steudtner surfed a nearly 94-foot wave in Portugal in February.

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Biggest wave surfed ever? 28.57m! #cando

Surfing the unsurfable? #cando. on February 24th, we surfed possibly the biggest wave ever, measuring 28.57m at Nazaré, Portugal.

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Must See! Surfer Sets New World Record by Riding the Biggest Wave Ever

The surfer who caught this behemoth is Sebastian Steudtner and this video was captured earlier this season at the central Portuguese break. It was captured at the famed Nazaré, a big wave surfing spot located in Portugal. Buzz60’s Tony Spitz has the details.

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Yew wosson people!

Another pov video from Porthmeor a couple weeks back. The waves here have been slow but managed to score this one afternoon after work.


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Biggest wave ever surfed? World record holder tackles monster wave

WOW! A world record-holding surfer tackled what could be the biggest wave ever, in Nazaré, Portugal. The monster wave was measured at 93.73ft utilizing state-of-the-art drone technology. 🌊🏄

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