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spring barrels on the north shore

footage from a few sunny days on the North Shore with fun, spring swell

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Unlocking My Surfing Mind (Tips & Tricks)

Check out MY SURF BOX for comprehensive online surf training designed to enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and transform your surfing experience.

0:00 Into a Surfer’s Mindset
1:11 The Crowd Issue
2:29 My Mental Strategy
3:19 What I Do While Surfing
4:03 My Surf Box

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I finally got this wave on with these kind of conditions with no one out. I’ve been waiting years for this! The new FLITE Lab gear is feeling INSANE!

A big thanks to Azza (@earthkitesurfing) for the whips and Ben Tayler (@foilfilms) for nailing the drone shots!

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Day 19: Surfing In A Thunderstorm | Oahu, Hawaii

Woke up to thunder and lots of rain and wasn’t looking forward to Day 19, but the cams showed some waves and light winds so I was hopeful. It ended up being super fun even tho it was lumpy and kinda of all over the place. I was just happy to have some waves.
Steak is alive at 19!
See You All Tomorrow

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Trying to Surf a Canoe

Surfer swaps his surfboard for a canoe and tries to surf it on some waves at Venice Beach.

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