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Smooth Take Off | Uluwatu Surf | May 30 2024

The day after the big waves in uluwatu made very good waves now, and of course more surfers were playing than the previous day with very big waves.

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Get ready to experience the thrill of surfing big waves in Balangan! In this exciting video, watch as surfers of all levels tackle the perfect waves that Balangan has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these rides are ideal for everyone.

🏄‍♂️ Featured Surfers: Meet the surfers who conquer Balangan’s powerful waves, showcasing their skills and passion in every ride.

📍 Date and Location: 24 MAI 2024, Balangan Beach – Famous for its pristine beaches and consistent waves, Balangan is a paradise for surfers seeking the ultimate ride.

🎥 What to Expect:
– Epic surfing action on big waves
– Stunning visuals of Balangan’s beautiful coastline
– Impressive techniques and maneuvers by surfers of all levels
– The vibrant surf culture that makes Balangan a top destination

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Surfing. Wipeouts, Total Chaos & Carnage in The Waves! Gold Coast, Autumn 2024

Surfing. Chaos & Carnage in The Waves! Gold Coast, Autumn 2024, Wipeouts, fails & bails for your amusement!

Music: Used Goods.


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Sudden tsunami

Surfing the Unsurfable! How we surfed possibly the biggest wave ever at Nazare

On February 24. 2024, my team and I surfed the unsurfable. After years of training and developing Mission Wave Alpha, we rode the biggest waves of my life, and together with my team and partners we defined what’s possible.

I am Sebastian Steudtner, Big Wave Explorer and Guinness World Record holder, together with my team and partners, I went on a mission to define whats possible riding the biggest waves in the world. Mission Wave Alpha was created three years ago to level up the sport of big wave surfing. This meant to develop the Nazare safety system, understanding the energy of waves, develop a new surfboard concept to match the speed of the waves, just to name a few of the key pillars of the project. After many ups and downs on February 24. 2024 when the biggest and most challenging waves in years rolled into Nazare, we finally had the opportunity to see what is possible. This is the result!

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