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I Took A Big One On The Head

I finally made it to the peak and waited. Then a clean up set came in and broke 50 yards further out and I took a big wave on the head. You have to pay to play.

0:00 Intro
0:37 Fun waves
0:59 Dry hair paddle out
1:38 4.5 ft 11 sec
2:28 Smooth and glassy
3:04 Corey and Ben
3:37 Inside reef
4:00 Pay to play
5:30 Kick out
5:59 Ben
6:16 Talking to Ben
6:24 Big outside set
7:32 Keoni

The Door by Giants Nest
Green Line by Far Orange

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Day of the Year at Dungeons | Inside Africa’s most terrifying big wave break

Nestled at the foot of the Sentinel on the tip of southern Africa, Dungeons is arguably the scariest, most challenging big wave spot in the world, according to three times Big Wave World Champ and XXL Big Wave Award winner, Grant Twiggy Baker.
TURN & GO takes you into the line-up and peels back the layers on this mythical surf spot, set against highlight sessions from 2023. Along the way we get some candid insight into the world champ’s drive to keep charging the biggest waves on the planet.

A film by Now Now Media presented by Surfline
Director of photography Alan van Gysen
Executive Producer Taylor Divine
Produced by Alan van Gysen
Directed & Edited by Will Bendix

Ghost Hunt by Sixteen Wheelers
Keep Walking by Grant Lamotte
Transmission Road by Nylonia
Skulls by Pearce Roswell
On A Whim by Tigerblood Jewel
Boom Boom by Big Head Todd and The Monsters
Earthbound by Victor Lundberg
Work Undone by Pearce Roswell
A Country Sunset by Constellate

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Laguna beach glassy wave! #shorts

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Laguna beach glassy wave! #shorts

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RAW DAYS | Mavericks, California | Best Big Wave Surfing Sessions

Mind Surf Trip to Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, California. “RAW DAYS” is a NobodySurf Original video series featuring a day in the world’s best surf spots, raw and unedited.

✔️ “RAW DAYS” series:

– Location –
Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, California

– Footage by –
Kyle Buthman

– Shooting year –
2015 – 2021

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#NobodySurf #bigwave #surfing

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