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🏄‍♂️Raimana The Surf Master – Coaching At It’s Best @ Surf Ranch🌊🌊🔥🔥

Great video of the master Raimana showing his teaching skills helping someone new to surfing get up and ride a board. This dude is a legen and has insane skills. I feel very lucky to have met him at Kelly Slaters Surf Ranch.

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What You Need To Know – TUDOR Nazaré Big Wave Challenge 2023 – 2024

The TUDOR Nazaré Big Wave Challenge, holds a waiting period from November 6, 2023, through March 31, 2024.

The TUDOR Nazaré Big Wave Challenge will showcase the best of big wave surfing in the tow-in discipline. In this competition, competitors will work in teams, utilizing jet skis to surf the biggest waves possible at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal. Praia do Norte is home to some of the biggest waves in the world, including the current Big Wave Tow Surfing World Records.

The TUDOR Nazaré Big Wave Challenge will be a specialty one-day, teams event with tow-in surfing. There will be nine teams made up of two competitors in each team. The teams will be divided into three groups with three teams in each group. The competition will have a total of six 40-minute heats, where each group will participate in two heats, with each team alternating between surfing and driving the team’s jet ski.

A surfer’s best two waves after surfing both heats will count to an individual total score, with the best wave counting as double points. In total, a surfer’s maximum individual score will be 30 points, as each wave is scored from 1-10 points. Surfers will be awarded across multiple categories at the end of the competition day.

The WSL Big Wave season is the time of year when humans push the boundaries of what’s possible on a surfboard. In the sport’s premier paddle-only event at Jaws and tow surfing challenge at Nazaré, these men and women drop in and charge the impossible for the ride of a lifetime.

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FINALLLY WE HAVE SOME WAVES!!!! After a summer of terrible big waves we are finally starting to see some action. Today was the best and biggest day in at least a few months. A lot of backwash made it tough to ride but the guys were chargeing. The GOAT of Bodyboarding made an apperance Mike Stewart. Tanner McDaniel was giving flying lessons and Tyler Thornsely and more were making some awesome peak drops.

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Surfers include: Tyler Thornsley, Bobby Okvist and a lot more

Bodyboarders include: Mike Stewart, Tanner McDaniel, Craig Whetter, Cory Bolter, Derek Hameister and more.

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NAZARE 05 NOVEMBER – HUGE, CROWDED AND STORMY! #nazaresurf #hugeday #05november

November the 5th was another day for the books! Huge waves arrived to Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal. It was a special day, but not only because of it waves! Today was the first HUGE day of the season and many of the surfers were out for a mission in diferent places around the globe to receive this XXL Swell.
So the lineup wasn’t as crowded as usual, were it was really crowded today was at the cliff, were more than 5.000 people were standing under the intermittent rain watching the few surfers trying to get some bombs in stormy conditions.
Waves were over 60ft coming from every direction, the inside was as hard as it gets to navegate and the cliff was like being in a Rolling Stones concert!
As always, I let you here a Raw edit, with no music so you can enjoy a real ambient experience!

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Laura Enever breaks women’s record for biggest paddle-in wave surfed

The Australian surfer, Laura Enever, has broken the world record for the largest wave ever paddled into by a woman, after the World Surf League and the Guinness World Records verified a 13.3m wave she tamed in January.

Waves are measured using video footage, the location of videographers, and objects such as jetskis and the other surfers. That day Enever was second alternate in the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational held on a break closer to the beach, meaning she would only take part if two women were injured.

Instead, she and friend Felicity Palmateer went to the Outer Reef, approximately 1km offshore, where the deep ocean meets the shallower island sea floor.

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