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Jet ski driver completes incredible rescue of big wave surfer at Nazaré

This is the dramatic moment a jet ski driver pulled off an incredible rescue of a big wave surfer at Nazaré in Portugal.

The drone footage shows professional surfer Lucas Chumbo being towed into a monster wave on November 20th.

After an impressive ride, the Brazilian exits the wave successfully and waits for his teammate Ian Cosenza to pick him up on the jet ski.

However, as Cosenza approaches Chumbo, another huge wave rolls towards them threatening to flatten them both in the impact zone.

Chumbo manages to grab onto the sled on the back of the jet ski and Cosenza accelerates as fast as he can towards the shore.

But the drama doesn’t end there: the two are now pursued by a mass of white water travelling at 60 miles per hour which quickly catches the pair and swallows them up.

When something like this happens it generally doesn’t end well but against all odds, Cosenza manages to ride the jet ski out of the mountain of churning foam and get them both to safety.

The WSL (World Surf League) described this as “one of the craziest rescues ever seen.”

Chumbo is currently one of the best big wave surfers in the world.

Praia do Norte beach, near the fishing village of Nazaré, became famous worldwide in 2011 when Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set a world record for the largest wave ever surfed at 78 feet.

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Big Thumbs Up to the Camera Man for capturing this wonderful breath taking, irresistible, mouth watering, extra saucy, chocolate coated rescue of All Time. 👍👍👍

punanie05 says:

Mannn…… i knew big wave surfing is a dangerous sport. But i more less always just thought of the danger being during the actual riding of the wave. I totally disregarded the whole after the fact thing and how there is still giant waves out there trying to drown you. That was some epic footage.



Danielle Digou says:

Holy shit that riptide though!

Andrew Byrnes says:

Gets out of danger ‘So… ready to go back out for another wave?’

joao saraiva says:

The giant waves of Nazare can happen between November and March and it will always be necessary a storm at sea (it can be hundreds of kilometers away), wind factor and then ALWAYS with the help of the Cannon of Nazare.

ThornCrown says:

I clearly don't understand the danger of that situation. Would he have died if the jet ski didn't get there in time?

Tang Alicious says:

Now thats what ya call hangin on and full sendin it

Marie Crowe says:

Where is this…..I’m staying away! Top hero ❤️

Dayta says:

whats the fuzz with this i dont see anything special … he is picking him up as planned like all the others do as well

bammbamm12 says:

It wasn't a rescue – it was just a nice gesture.

Psycrow says:

Best action movie 2020

Eugene Danker says:

Yes, Mother Nature is awesome and beautiful.

theSk8Monk says:

amazing 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

lewisdean22 says:

Keep going, (what ),keep going don't look back.

matteightytwo says:

What an advert

slevin kelevra says:

Nice swells 😳

Evel Knievel says:

It looks rather like a staged stunt than a rescue to me. Anyone who puts themselves into these waves does it at own risk. Simple.

Andy Z says:

Jet Skier patrol are round the clock heroes and BRAVE might I say.

dandrea bush says:

That guy was like “floor it! Floor it!”

Spec Collector says:

Baya con Dios!

MyImmaculateQueen says:

Reminded me of the scene from Return of the Jedi when the millennium falcon was trying to outrun the exploding death star.

Teemu M. says:

beautiful waves

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