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🌊 The biggest TSUNAMIS in History 🌊 3D Comparison

These are some examples of different sizes of tsunamis that have stood out throughout history, in this video we try to show it as faithfully as possible.


🎵MUSIC: (Youtube Library)
Down – Joey Pecoraro
Dead Wrong – Jeremy Blake
Black Mass – Brian Bolger
Atlantis Rage – Jimena Contreras
Alpha Mission – Jimena Contreras

Tsunami Japan 2011:
Indonesia Tsunami 2018 –
Tsunami Sumatra 2004 –
Largest wave surfed –,Nazar%C3%A9%20on%20October%2029%2C%202020.
2022 Hunga Tonga–Hunga Haʻapai tsunami –
Chicxulub Tsunami –
East Molokai Volcano – –
1958 Lituya Bay –
Vajont Dam disaster –

🟪Credits free 3D models:
Venice City Scene by Miguel Pereira –
Gondola by mrTorch –

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@MetaBallStudios says:

These are just a few of the most prominent examples of tsunamis that have occurred in history… and that could happen again.
Do you know how deep the ocean can be, find out in this video! 👉

Estos son sólo algunos de los ejemplos más destacados de tsunamis que se han producido en la historia… y que podrían repetirse.
¿Sabes lo profundo que puede llegar a ser el océano? ¡Descúbrelo en este vídeo! 👉

@BasariaharahapBasaria says:

Can you do tornado

@gamingioelzanowski says:

worst cgi water i have ever seen

@Adventures.with.the.Smiths says:

i would not like that to happen to me 😮

@user-xw6xv4ug8z says:

🙏🙏me gustaría que agas más simulaciónes de meteoritos 🙏🙏

@user-cl6vp9ko1x says:

Это уже бвло в 1816 году,а сейчас будет тихо и спокойно,просто у всех полопаются вены,хоть под землей,хоть в космосе,не одна особь=душа от правосудия никогда не уходила и не уйдет,это в этом году,а возможно и через три дня,может быть и будет да же разруха и камня на камне не останется,но это уже сдесь и сейчас и не надо думать что вы все в сказку попали!!!

@BEO_official. says:

3.57 keren sekali dan cerdik bisa lewati tsunami kecil

@amyryan8094 says:

Wow the knteo cool

@grzegorzgregmajchrzak8108 says:

It’s not real

@daviddamascus9657 says:

You really know how to scratch my itch for apocalyptic stuff.

@Maurinho_368 says:

2:36 👀😬

@umutsevgin says:


@nteqit01nteq says:


@josephyahooning5301 says:


@thuyanlethi6228 says:

Oa hu islands?

@user-jj2oh9fb1y says:

but what if a standard wave on the beach has a good personality 😢

@kim87351 says:

I don't like tsunami very scary 😰😬

@raskesrinivas2760 says:

This😢😢😢 tsunami😮😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

@IosebDzhugashvili says:

You make these videos scary ASF. Nice!

@pasalasaga says:

Álvaro, una cosa. ¿Podrias hacer por favor la Nueva Jerusalén, que sale en el libro de Revelaciones o Apocalipsis de San Juan, tanto en 3ª como en 1ª persona? Si puedes, investiga a fondo para que sea más fiel.

@user-mf7kx6zs7u says:

Há um tempo que eu não me 😢🙃😱

@donmesut9587 says:

So basically Deep Impact happened, and everything got fcuked 😂

@rhodalynrodriguez5188 says:

Can you make solar system size comparison???

@Khalidvet1980 says:

الله إ نجينا و إ حفظنا من تسونامي 😢😢😢😮😮😢😢😢😢😢😢

@Khalidvet1980 says:

الله إ حفظنا 😢😢😢

@Eldorado440 says:

Noah's Ark: nah that easy

@elwanaskerov2128 says:


@-Jesus_Saves- says:

Jesus saves our soules.

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